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Enterprise analytics without compromise

When it comes to elevating people with the power of data, only Tableau combines a laser focus on how people see and understand data with the kind of robust, scalable platform you need to run even the world’s largest organizations. Tableau fits your enterprise architecture—we’ll never dictate which cloud you deploy in or the data sources you use. Tableau offers the most choice and flexibility to continue to grow with you as your technology and data strategy evolve. Learn more about how the Tableau platform helps you turn your data into insights that drive action—while making your IT team happy, too.

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The Tableau Platform

Tableau is the broadest and deepest, end-to-end data and analytics platform. Ensure the responsible use of data and drive better business outcomes with fully-integrated data management and governance, visual analytics and data storytelling, and collaboration—all with Salesforce’s industry-leading Einstein built right in.

Tableau Platform
Intuitive Analytics

Deploy the broadest and deepest platform

Tableau is powerful and intuitive, encouraging curiosity and creativity with unlimited data exploration. Lower the barrier to entry to engage and interact by building visualizations with drag and drop, employing AI-driven statistical modeling with a few clicks, and asking questions using natural language. Augment your people’s potential and move from insight to action anywhere you’re working.

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Access trusted and governed data

Tableau provides efficiencies of scale to streamline governance, security, compliance, maintenance, and support with solutions for the entire lifecycle as the trusted environment for your data and analytics from connection, preparation, and exploration to insights, decision-making, and action. Manage all of your data without compromise.

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Blueprint Data Literacy

Learn from proven expertise and guidance

With Tableau, you get more than an analytics platform. Our proven expertise and guidance will help you throughout your data-driven journey. Build your Data Culture with proven best practices to unlock people’s potential. Cultivate an internal data community and engage with the global Tableau Community of data enthusiasts to grow data skills.

Tableau Blueprint, the most comprehensive methodology for becoming a data-driven organization.

Data Literacy for All, a free eLearning program that provides data skills fundamentals, regardless of skill level

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Tableau’s been at the forefront of our journey to better understand and serve our customers through data. Tableau is used across our entire organization to help us report from all the different data sources we have in a governed and trusted way.

Tableau capabilities empower everyone

Now more than ever, people need access to data to do their jobs better, but not everyone has the same relationship with data. Tableau provides the right set of capabilities from the hard-core data analyst to the everyday data consumer. With the analytics platform that people love to use, drive greater success at scale and advance your digital transformation by making it easier and more cost-effective to empower everyone with trusted and governed data.

Tableau Creator

Tableau Creator

Tableau Creators prepare data and build analytical content—which can include the design, cleaning, and curation of data sources, and the creation of visualizations and dashboards.

Tableau Explorer

Tableau Explorer

Tableau Explorers can access and analyze data published by Creators, as well as create and share their own dashboards, authored from existing, curated data sources and content.

Tableau Viewer

Tableau Viewer

Tableau Viewers can view and interact with published visualizations and dashboards—including natural language query, ML-based explanations, and subscribe to content to get updates and alerts.

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Accelerate digital transformation

Scale across the enterprise

For powerful analytics that drive bottom-line impact across the organization, you need a solution everyone can use—one that works with all the data you have. And it needs to deliver the flexibility people want while giving you the governance, security, and compliance IT requires. From deployment to decisions, the Tableau platform powers enterprise analytics.

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Deliver analytics in the cloud

Our approach to cloud is simple: we give you choice. The choice to access your data and analytics from anywhere, and the flexibility to deploy Tableau where you want it. Tableau’s cloud solutions leverage your existing investments—on-premises or in the cloud—to future-proof your technology decisions.

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Bring the future into today’s decisions

Our approach to AI is more than just an algorithm, it is driven by practical applications to help people and organizations answer pressing questions. Tableau builds transparent AI into its platform so everyone can easily understand how predictions and insights are surfaced and why they are relevant—helping you make smarter decisions right in the flow of analysis.

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