Data skills 10 million

The future of work requires data skills, but the demand far exceeds the supply. We commit to closing the data literacy gap by enabling 10 million people with data skills in 5 years.

Our mission: Create a data-literate world

Data skills are table stakes for individual and organizational success. Data-mature organizations have higher customer satisfaction, employee retention and productivity, and speed-to-market.1 And, according to a Tableau-commissioned Forrester Consulting study, data literacy is the most in-demand skill for candidates today.

Yet, there’s a gap: Only 21 percent of employees are confident in their data literacy skills and an IDC survey shows that 83 percent of CEOs want their organizations to be more data-driven.2

1IDC InfoBrief, sponsored by Tableau, Why You Should Care About Data Culture, Doc. #US46030720TM, April 2020

2IDC Thought Leadership White Paper, sponsored by Tableau, How Data Culture Fuels Business Value in Data-Driven Organizations, Doc. #US47605621, May 2021

Tableau pledges to help close the data-literacy gap by enabling 10 million people with data skills in 5 years

Tableau data skills 10 million pledge

“We’re in the golden era of data and analytics. Businesses know they must tap into the power of data to stay agile and respond in this rapidly changing environment. For these data-driven businesses, success depends on training and enabling everyone in their organization to use data to make better decisions.”

Mark Nelson President & CEO, Tableau

Closing the data literacy gap

How do we get there?

To meet this ambitious goal, we’re doubling down on existing skill-building programs and announcing a few new ones, too. We aim to help people from all backgrounds and geographies build the skills to explore, understand, and communicate with data—and help build thriving, data-literate citizens and organizations.

For the classroom

We’re preparing the future workforce with the data skills they need to succeed. Since 2011, we’ve empowered 1.8M+ students with software and data skills education and 45K+ instructors with software and teaching resources. Plus, we offer fun, educational activities to introduce data concepts to kids.

Tableau Academic Programs

For everyone

Unsure how or where to get started with data? With five-plus hours of free, self-guided training, this eLearning program teaches data-literacy fundamentals to people of all skill levels.

Data Literacy for All

For teams and organizations

To tap data’s full potential and drive data-driven decision making, all employees must be empowered with relevant skills. We help organizations build a data-first, analytics mindset so everyone is proficient and equipped to tackle challenges and influence business outcomes.

Tableau learning for business

For non-profits

With donated access to Tableau Desktop, small non-profits and NGOs around the world can explore data and spot trends, outliers, and new opportunities.

Tableau Foundation

For the community

The Tableau Community builds data literacy: 2M+ Tableau Public authors and 4.5M+ data visualizations; 500+ user groups with 160,000 people worldwide; 265K+ forum contributors sharing best practices and tips.

Tableau Community

Coming soon!

Planned data-literacy programs included: skill-building for NGOs and government; scholarships to provide equitable access to data education; and free, online Salesforce data-literacy training.

Data literacy programs: Tableau Academic, Tableau Foundation, Tableau Community

Mind the gap

Learn more about the data literacy gap—and how we’re bridging it

Monitor with Tableau Economy data points: Tableau isn’t just a business, it’s an economy

The Tableau Economy drives your data success

Our leading analytics platform is the foundation for our robust data community and thriving partner network. Tableau is more than just a business—we’re an economy that creates new jobs, careers with in-demand data skills, and business revenue that stimulate the overall economy.

Learn about Tableau Economy

Introducing Data Literacy for All: Free data skills training for individuals and organizations.

In collaboration with Tableau, Pathstream’s online certificate program enables non-traditional students with data and business analytics skills.

Tableau partners with the government of India to build students’ data skills.